The Veil


The northeast is dominated by the Grey Mountains and the Eastern Shelf. The Shelf is lengthy stretch of cliffs overlooking the sea. Just south of the Shelf, the River Severn runs out of the Grey Mountains and through the Veil. The town of Sora on Severn sits just about the delta for the River. There are numerous farming communities that send their goods to market in Sora and beyond. Ages ago the Vail was the home to a small province of the Dragonborn empire, and though some Dragonborn remain, much of what they had built has fallen to ruin and disappeared.

There are two other towns sizable enough to note in the Vail. New Bharash was built on the coast of a reasonable sized lake, in the shadow of the Grey Mountains. Halfway around the lake to the East lay the ruins of Bharash, a Dragonborn town that had been built substantially with sorcery. When magic left the world nearly a millennium ago, there was nothing left to hold the town together. To the west of Sora lies the small town of farming town of Gedon.

It is bucolic to say the least.


The Veil is a small principality in the grand scheme of Leda. It is ruled by a merchant prince named Nicholas the Younger. His main residence is in the town of Sora, although he maintains small houses in each of the other towns of The Veil. His family has been the ruler for the last eight generations. Although he is in essence a monarch, each town elects 3 councilmen to sit and advise the Prince. This was an act of goodwill by Nicholas’ great-grandfather that served to avoid a full revolt of the towns people.


Given that The Veil is of little tactical significance in relation to other countries, and it’s resources are not worth the cost of invasion it has known relative peace, a part from the occasional kobold, and/or goblin raids. Each town has a small guard force of about 10 soldiers, Sora keeps a larger standing force and there are many reservists.


The Veil produces a sizable (relatively) amount of stone that is shipped down the Svar and south to the Gap. The Veil has a strong agricultural tradition and holds to that. There are a number of farms spread across it’s fertile soil. Most of the farms maintain a small her of livestock as well.


Humans, halflngs and half-elves make up the bulk of the population, although there is sizable minority of both dwarves and dragonborn in the area as well. The dragonborn tell stories of The Veil being a small province of their once great empire. There is little evidence to back this up beyond some somewhat dragonborn styled names amongst the towns and landmarks of The Veil.

Additionally there is a small number of kobold camps in the forest at the foot of the Grey Mountains. These camps exist outside the control of Prince Nicholas, but so long as they aren’t raiding they are allowed to live as they please. It is rare, but not unheard of for people to trade with the kobolds.


Sora – The largest of the three towns, by virtue of being the port town for The Veil. All goods coming or going from the Veil pass through Sora and it is the home to a number of well to do merchants. The town is also home to Prince Nicholas. Sora is home to several inns, including the Maiden by the Sea, and The Riverhouse.

New Bharash – New Bharash grew on the banks of an inland lake. A small river, called the Greywater, runs from lake and joins with the Severn close to Sora. It likely got it’s start as a fishing town but slowly grew overtime to it’s present state due to the stone quarries in the nearby mountains.. To the NE across the lake lie a pile of ruins commonly believed to be Bharash, but of the few that have explored the ruins, they have found nothing to confirm this belief. The town is home to the Laughing Dwarf Inn – run by the Laughing Dwarf himself (or one of them anyway).

Gedon – Gedon is a collecting point for crops and livestock being taken to Sora. It is the smallest of the three major towns. Home to the Nameless Inn, Gedon is town of people that serve and deal with farmers. Most of the talk surrounds the weather, and small town gossip. It is of little interest to those outside (or even most of those inside) The Veil.

The Veil

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