Svar is an old world. It has seen ages beyond count and beyond memory. Centuries of peace, eons of war, strife and turmoil. Wondrous structures have been built, worshiped and lost to the ravages of time.

Magic ebbs and flows in Svar, it's patterns deeply tied to the history of Svar. For generations, especially in the South, magic controlled everything. The palaces were built and maintained by bending mater with arcane knowledge. Wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks controlled the many nations of Svar. Magical power was political power. Like all beings, some mages were wise, many were cruel and corrupt. Then 1,000 years ago the magic began to fade. It took more and more effort to cast or sustain even the simplest spells. Generation after generation there were fewer and fewer with the gift. Common folk called it punishment for the corruption and the greed of the previous ruling class. Yet not even the wisest of the wizards, nor the most powerful of the sorcerers could truly say why magic faded. The last wizard was dead some 750 years ago.

    The people of Svar were forced to find new systems of government, new ways to build, to live, and to survive… And though much that magic created aged and eventually fell to ruin, a few of the great wonders remained as they had been since they were built.

    But change is perhaps the only constant in Svar. Change like the weather, change like a storm. Within the last 15 years magic has returned. Powers that were once dormant and buried are rising again.


Gormagon Rises Klothos