Sora is a town of about 12,000 people where the Severn flows into the Eastern Sea. Sora is the largest town in the Veil, and main seat of Prince Nicholas the Younger. It is divided into 5 districts: 1) Lower Harbor 2) Gate 3) Bridge 4) Upper Harbor & 5) Island.

The Districts:

Gate District: The defining characteristic of this district is the large, ornate gate in the walls that surround the city. The walls are sturdy, made from granite quarried in the mountains that ring the Vail. The Gate district is home to the farmers market where most farmers sell their goods as well as several small inns, mostly used by farmers and local travelers. The Church of Heimdall in the Gate District has one primary job (aprart from it’s typical eclesiastical duties). The Gate Distrcit Church is where the dead are sent to await transport the to the Golgotha. The transport of the dead is an ancient tradition. The dead are escorted by the Dead Man. A simple priest named Shawl currently holds that position.

Lower Harbor: The Lower Harbor District encompasses the docks on leading to the Eastern Ocean and the rest of the Leda. Most of the local residents live in small cottages or old, leaning tennement buildings and work the docks. As one would expect there are several inns in the district, ranging from cheap dives to some of the nicest accommodations available in the Vail. The Church of Heimdall in the Lower Harbor looks as much like a wherehouse as a church. This stems from the fact that the Church is part wherehouse. In The Veil the Church of Heimdall is the single largest importer of goods. The church in the Lower Harbor is the main hub in the distribution of those goods to the various churches.

Upper Harbor: The harbor here is much smaller then the Lower Harbor as it deals mostly with small river traffic and intra-Vail shipments. There are a couple of moderate sized berths for the boats that transfer goods from the Upper Harbor to the Lower Harbor.

Bridge District: Before Sora expanded to the islands in the Seign Delta, the area of the Bridge District was called the Merchants’ District and was home to the manses of the Veil’s wealthy merchant families. As people began to move onto the islands, the homes in the Bridge District became outdated. Some of the manses now house several families, others have been purchased by those seeking to climb the social ladder of the Veil.

Island District: The Islands are now home to elite of Sora. Nicholas the Younger’s Palace is on the largest of the islands and several other wealthy merchants have built mansions on the islands. Also in the Island district stands the main temple to Heimdall as well as the meeting house of the Prince’s Counsel, their offices and in town lodgings.


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