Council of the Veil

The Veil is a principality. However, Nicholas the Younger’s great grandfather agreed to charter appointing a council to handle the day to day matters of state. Each district elects 3 members to serve on the council. The Hand of the Prince also serves.

The current members are:

Dorseel – Hand of the Prince, Male Tiefling

Content Not Found: Amance – From Sora, Female Dragonborn

Content Not Found: Hedion – From Sora – Male Tiefling

Content Not Found: Mondon – From Sora, Male Human

Content Not Found: Pirgras – From New Bharash, Male Dragonborn

Content Not Found: Pidiona – from New Bharash, Female Human

Content Not Found: Vesuli – From New Bharash, Female Halfling

Content Not Found: Tyin – From Ghedon, Male Dragonborn

Content Not Found: Varmedan – From Ghedon, Male Elf

Content Not Found: Lulgred – From Ghedon Male Dwarf

The Council holds it’s meetings in a large, well furnished hall in the Island District of Sora. Each of the members has an office in the hall, as well as home office’s in their repspective districts.

Council of the Veil

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