Therdyn Stonebrow


Therdyn (thair-din) Stonebrow was born is the large village of Broken Crest, which is at the headwaters of the Staghorn River in the Stormhammer Mountains. Born into a large family of 8 siblings Therdyn ended up as son #3 and child #7. His childhood full of family gatherings, scraps with his siblings, and exploring the mountain wilderness around Broken Crest. Though it was a happy childhood Therdyn struggled through his adolescence. He apprenticed in the family business of metalworking, but lacked manual skills for detail work, and his creations lacked vision. Following his eldest brother into the militia Therdyn hoped to excel with hammer and axe. Although he was as stalwart as any warrior he lacked coordination and power. Unable to find a niche within Broken Crest Therdyn was resigned to helping the family business with menial tasks, and being in the reservist militia (they call you last).

In a sweltering summer during boar hunt with his uncle and siblings Therdyn pursued a injured sow through the alpine forest. Seeing the wounded beast laying in a small glade he approached carefully, spear poised for a final strike. Rounding on it he found several piglings looking on their mother with concern. Overwhelmed with compassion Therdyn was unable to fell the killing blow. The sow turned to regard him, and as with mutual understanding she left the glade with her offspring. Therdyn walked a couple of steps to where the sow was, and on the ground found a broken tusk. Drawing a leather strip from his pack he wrapped the tusk, and hung it from his neck (his amulet). Unsure what had transpired he left the glade feeling calm, confident, and renewed.

Therdyn knew that this was a sign from the Tusked Protector, Heimdall. Upon returing to Broken Crest he immeadiately went to the Temple and relayed his tale to the High Priest. Assured of his visage he began his training. His family upbringing eased his learning of Heimdall communal tenets. Overtime he started to manifest divine powers and started taking on aspects of his diety. His hair became more course and bristle like, and his lower canines more pronouced giving him a wicked smile. Unattractive to begin with Therdyn struggled to find a wife let alone a mate to court. Therdyn always felt like an ill fitting member of Broken Crest society, and began to set his sights on the horizon. Perhaps Heimdall had larger plans for him, perhaps there was another community that needed him, with a long sorrow filled goodbye Therdyn packed his few belongings an departed from Broken Crest.

Therdyn Stonebrow

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