Shava Airoden

Elf Avenger


Shava was born to a woman and a religious man. He was staying in the city she lived in and they would see each other in passing. One day the elves had more reason to interact. This led to a more intimate attraction. Within a few days they had spent the night together. They were entranced with each other, but it wasn’t until too long that he found out that she made her living as a prostitute. This offended and disgusted him, especially coming from a fellow elf, and he left her.

Shava’s mother was pregnant and when it became apparent she was ejected from her place in the brothel. She tried to find what work she could, but the pregnancy limited her as it progressed. In order to take care of herself and her eminent child, she went to one of her former clients that she cared for more and seduced him into marriage. She did not reveal to him who the father of the child was, allowing him to speculate.

Shava was born, and she was a joy to them, even if the husband always wonder about her parentage. The couple went on to have two more children. The mother eventually revealed to Shava who her father was. It was shortly after that Shava decided that she would join the church as well. She began to grow a little more distance from her step father, but he was distracted by the younger children and his job to take note.

When Shava was 15 her mother died. She was devastated. Within the next year she left her family and joined the church. Once a member of the church she sought to find and meet her father. She had his name, but had not meet any people who knew of his location. All she learned was that he had been given a military church rank. She decided that the best way to find him was to join the martial priesthood as well.

Her superiors decided that her talents would be most appropriate for a position in the church’s assassins. She was sent to a hidden monastery where she trained for several years. She is now released, working as one of the church’s divine avengers. She has just been sent on her first task.

Shava Airoden

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