Hand of the Prince


Dorseel is the Hand of the Prince, acting in the stead of Nicholas the Younger when the Prince is unavailible, or chooses not to be. As Hand of the Prince, Dorseel sits on The Council of the Veil.

Dorseel a.k.a. Horn

Dorseel’s granparents emigrated to the Vale. He grew up in a middling merchant family. He then took over the family business and transformed into a influential importer of luxury goods. Before taking his position as the Prince’s Hand he sold his businesss to Tearin (M Human). Though it is rumored he still has a heavy hand in the business.

He is approximately the same age as the prince and due to his luxury business he was very well known in high cirlces. Dorseel was then elevated to the position of Hand of the Prine. His appointment met with trepidation from the noble class since Dorseel was not an aristocrat. Business minded and cut throat Dorseel set to consolodating power by rigging council elections and buying of councilors. As the years wore on the Prince left the Hand to take care of the affairs of the Vale.

In our adventures we were able to conclude that Dorseel was a agent of the Cult of Gormagon code name Horn. We were able to ascertain this information after defeating his lackey, Victor. After infultrating his secret base out side of Sora we ambushed and cut hime down. Von Kreig struck the killing blow thus ending his subversive reign of evil.



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